BLV MGN Cube Upacking

I ordered the Kit from AliExpress by the seller Sealand as recommended on the BLV website. The processing of the order and the shipping of the kit too a bit longer than expected. It was indicated 7 days shipping guaranty but it took actually 10 days. I did not receive any information from the seller and after Tateinheit contact, I only got a short answer it will be shipped soon. It would have been nice to receive a short message to indicate it will take a bit more time but everything is ok, instead I had to inquire what was going on.

However, the packet was hipped in express with DHL and took only four days to arrive to Germany, that is express.

The package arrive without any damages and pretty well packed. It i divided in three sections inside.

The first section contains the heated bed and the spring printing surface with a smooth and textured side, unfortunately no PEI sheet. The side panels are included. However, due to the size of the package, the side panels are in two parts, that is bait unfortunate and would have been nice to have in one piece. The back plate where the electronic and others stuff are going is also include, however there is no pre drilled hole to mount the electronic. The bottom plate is also in two parts, on that I found this really good, it is easier to remove it later for cleaning.

The second part contains all the frame elements and few cables. The frame element are cut precisely and black covered. The coating is really nice and resistant. I only found two small blur on one of the part, except that, really nice profiles.

The last section contains most of the electronic, power supply, cables and screws. The HIWIN rails I received are really good and black ! This is a really nice touch as the frame is black !

However, I have found a few problems:

  • The step motors are not exactly the same as the description on the BLV website. In fact I even have 2 different X axis motors, one is labeled stepper motor !
  • There is no solid state relay to connect the power switch. The swithes are all included, with cables but no SSR.
  • The nozzle is not the latest design. The one recommended on BLV ( Mellow ) is not included and another on is in the kit. It does not look bad, the only thing is the heater cable has no connector and is in one piece.
  • There is no instruction or material to attach the electronic and power supply on the back panel. This is quite annoying, I am not an electrical engineer and will have to find a solution.
  • There is a Power Socket to OneNote the power cable to the plug. However there not mounting for this power socket. Here again, I need to find a solution, I do not like to have live power flying around the printer.
  • The black panel delivered are only coated on one side.
  • The back panel ( where the electronic shall be attached ) are separated in 2 panels and both should be symmetrical. Unfortunately, I got twice the same and the slots at the bottom are not matching.

In all, there is a few thing missing and a few things that could be updated. It is still a really nice kit and when mounted properly, will make an awesome printer. I can only recommend it !

Last word of caution, there is no printed part included in the kit. This means you will have to have a 3D printer of your own or know someone who can print for you. Make sure that before you start printing, your printer is perfectly calibrated. This kit is a really nice and accurate kit, you do not what to ruin your results because of poorly printed parts.

Next : building the beast !


  1. James OLeary

    Is the kit you purchased a “full Kit” minus the printed parts? Also, do you suggest to get the metal parts to replace most of the printed parts that is available now? Great blog and hello from Japan!

    1. jerome

      Yes I purchased the full kit from Sealand by AliExpress. However, as described in the Blog there was some issue. I have heard that the blueroll should be better. I did purchase the metal part and I thing it is worth the money, the printer is quieter and more stable. However, the more I use the printer, the more I see some problem in the design. I guess I will have to start my own design / kit.

      Thanks and greetings from Germany.

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