BLV Cube First Calibration Cube

Now that everything is connected and running, I could not stop myself doing a first print and decided to print a XYZ Calibration cube-

The configuration used is pretty much the base DUET configuration and the Simplify 3D configuration supplied by Ben Levi on Thingiverse.

I printed the part at 80 mm/s with 50% for outside and 80% on top infills. There is on the base configuration no pressure advance setup and I use the retraction of 5.5mm with -0.1 length “deretraction” with a speed of 85 mm/s as set in the Simplify 3d config.

I use PETG material with the first layer of 240 °C and after 230 °C with a bed temperature of 80°C.

During the print, you could here the extruder slightly clacking as the retraction speed is set to 85 mm/s. It does not seems to be coming from the extruder itself but more from the filament going through the PTFE piping and from the spool box. After looking at the configuration on the Det Board, I realize that the maximum extruder speed is 1200 mm/min. The 85 mm/s retraction set Simplify3D is never going to honored !

For a first print, it is not too bad ! Not good but there is room for improvement and this is what I like to do , tune things up !

Both on X and Y Side there is obviously an issue with pressure advance, the corners are over extruded, most probably from the fact that no pressure advance was set up. But in all, it is not bad, the layers are consistent and nicely aligned, the surface is nice !

On the Z side, we see here the influence of the missing pressure advance, the corners are “pointy”. There is a small gap between the infill and the external perimeters. This could be a problem with under extruding or the overlapping is not correct.

Side after the Y side

On the side printed after the Y side, high frequency vertical lines can be seen. The command M9xx can solve this problem, I will show how to remove these lines in another post.

Seed side

On the seed side or start of print, it definitely shows that there is some work to do on the retraction, wiping and feeding of material after retraction. Another todo on my action list !

Bottom Side

The bottom side is pretty nice, the first layer is nice and clean. Again on the corners and on the end on the infill movement the you can see that too much material has been extruded. This is due to the pressure advance not being setup.

In all the first calibration cube is not too bad. The size of the calibration cube is within 0.1 mm so I am happy. On my todo list I have the setup of the pressure advance and setting up the retraction and wipe movement. For a first print “out of the box” this could be worse ! I guess the next steps are going to do some calibration to get that cube like the one Ben Levy showed on his website !

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