BLV Cube Power Supply Holder

In the original design of the BLV Cube, the Electronic is mounted on the back of the plate at the back of the printer. I do not find this idea bad, just that I did not want to drill the back plate.

drilling the back plate is for me not an option. First of all, I will the screws from the inside of the printer and it is not really pretty. Second, I am sure that I will make at least a couple of holes wrong, then it will look even worse. And finally, I know that I will change the setup ( and my mind ) and will want to move things around as I (try) to improve the printer or upgrade. So making holes in the back plate is not a good idea to me.

For the moment, everything is lying around the printer, not exactly safe and easy to move the printer. The first thing I decided to do is to create a holder for the Meanwell SE-450-24 Power Supply. Before design the part, I had for objective to hold the power supply, to be able to have some cable management and if necessary to extend the holder to attach other elements later on.

After a few ideas put on paper, I cam up with a simple idea, make the holder like the 20×20 profile it will be attached at the back of the printer. Using a 20×20 profile style, it is possible to attach the cable guides and later on to attach anything else. On top of that, it will be possible to extend the length of the profile to extend the attachement capabilities.

The holder itself is fairly simple, 2 screws each side to hold the power supply, enough clearance at the bottom so the cables are have enough space to be routed without any problems and a small edge at the back to ease the installation.

The mounting on the rail, under the power supply is made of a printed and integrated bracket, using a M5 and T nut. It requires to mount the holder first on the rail, unless you have a short head hexagonal key. I did not want to put the power supply to high as it weight a bit and with some vibration, will fatigue the holder, this is why it is near the 20×20 profile. If the printed bracket is not enough, it is possible to mount a 20mm Aluminium bracket with 2 5mm screw and T nut, the one used to build the frame. Just be careful when you mount the T Nut on the printed 20×20 profile, it is plastic so go ease on the torque !

You can find the STL at Thingiverse. Happy printing !

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