Magnetic Sticker for 3D printer heated bed

Having some trouble with PCB magnetic plate and spring plate, I decided to give a try to a magnetic sticker bed. I found a descent one on AliExpress from IdeaFormer

The plate arrived fairly fast, even in the current Corona time. It wall really well packed and no damage were taken during transportation.

Installation is really easy, remove the protection from the gluing side and place it on the PCB board. Make sure you get it right otherwise it might look a bit funny. I had to cut a small corner to make sure I was not making short cut on the PCB board connector. Voila !

The top surface is not sticking really hard on the bed, it enough so it won’t move. Also, the fact that the all surface is magnetic, it is actually not making any “bumb” on the plate, it is perfectly matching the PCB surface. This was not the case with the sprint PEI plate on the PCB board: where the magnets are, it does stick to the surface, where not, by printing, the temperature change is bending the plate to small bumps. With this surface, it is not the case.

The heating of the heated bed did not change so I did not have to recalibrate the PID.

The printing is easy on this surface, way too easy ! It sticks ! And when I say it sticks, it does sticks ! You have to be really careful not to have the nozzle touching the surface otherwise it will get damaged. Also, when printing too low, the plastic is pressed on the surface and get really difficult to remove. Big objects are ok, but rims for example are almost impossible to remove.

Interesting enough, I manage to print PETG even without heating the bed, this is how is actually sticks on the surface.

My IR sensor seems to have an offset of this surface. I use to print on a carbon plate and my offset was perfect every time. Now printing on this magnetic surface, it seems I am about 0.2mm too low. Make sure you correct your offset before printing, otherwise you will damage the surface or not be able to remove the part from it !

If you correct the offset and make sure the temperature is correct, this is a really nice surface ! The only down side of this is that it sticks ! ( Am I actually saying this ? LOL ) I thing I am going to order more top surface so I can swap them between prints.

Happy printing !

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