I have found on amazon, looking for some cheap PETG OWL Filament German company making PLA and PETG.

The offer was really descent, even cheaper than the Filaments from Amazon. I was a bit skeptical, it is really cheap but wanted to give it a try and in case it is not good, I could just do parts without any esthetic requirements.

The packet arrive really quickly ( 2 days after ordering ). The first impression is good, well packed, no damages and vacuum packed with a small bag of dehydrating gel.

The spool is a little larger than the standard one and can make some trouble if you have a really tight dry box. Except that it looks all good. It is not the perfect spooling but good enough so it won’t make any troubles.

The first print was done at 220 °C ( recommended between 220°C and 245°C) . It went without any problems but I notice that my previous pressure advance and retraction were no longer enough. It seems as if this PETG is melting more than the one I had before.

I tried a second print with 210 °C and no problems at all, retraction and pressure advance improved a bit but still a bit off. After a few tries, I could not really improve the calibration cube I made. It still shows some retraction and pressure advance issues.

The calibration is really difficult. The retraction is huge on this, I ended up with 8mm retraction to have roughly a good results. The extrusion factor was not stable but manage to get it roughly around 0.92. Pressure advance is simply not working ! Did not manage to get any descent results with pressure advance.

As I was going through the roll, more and more problems were coming up. the extrusion factor was changing a bit and roughly at the middle of the spool, the nozzle blocked a few time and the extruder was grinding the filament. After clean and even changing the nozzle, I still had the problems. I measured the diameter of the filament and it is all over the place. At the middle of the spool, I was getting 1.8 mm and even 1.85, no wonder it was no longer working…

To summarize, the PETG has some really strange temperature ( I even manage to print at 190 °C), the retraction and oozing is a nightmare and the filament diameter is all over the place. At the end, I just trash the rest of the spool and the other spools I have from OWL, it is not worth my time and effort.

If you have other experiences, please feel free to leave a comment.

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