BLV Cube : Power !

Yesterday was one of these days where the light goes on !

After building the BLV cube, I had some problems getting a descent print. The most visible differences where the different type of PETG I used. Some of them where good others a nightmare. And as usual I blamed the Filament.

I also had some issues with the PCB bed. It is obvious it is not the greatest quality and you could see the plate bending with temperature. I decided to go with the 6mm Aluminium plate with Magnets and a Keenovo heater. After replacing the bed and installing the Keenovo heater ( 24V 400 W) things got out of hand ! Well you guessed it, putting a 400 W heater on a 450 W power supply is ok but the rest of the printer is not having much juice left.

I installed a second 450 W power supply I wanted to use to upgrade my second printer. A little bit of cables and voila. One power supply for the bed and one for the rest of the printer.

The bed is heating strong, like real strong ! Temperature is really stable and can heat up to 110 °C without too much problem. After that the PID is no longer working and a fault is coming as I set the PID to 70 °C.

The most impressive change I have seen is the rest of the printer. Suddenly, the printer is quieter, got less motor noise and the fans are quieter.

I had since the beginning of the build some issues with retraction, pressure advance and other issues related to extrusion and move. Suddenly, all these are gone. I dropped my retraction from 8mm to 3, far ( really far less ) ghosting, pressure advance reduced from 1.5 to 0.5…

The all actions showed me how important the power supply is. Even the original kit was not able to really cope with the power requirements. Just make sure you check your power supply and how much your set up is draining out the MeanWell !

Now I have to recalibrate everything… Well got something to do today 🙂 !

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