BLV Cube Electronic Holders

The BLV cube is coming with a lot of things in the Kit but nothing really to attach and organize the electronic parts. So I decided to solve that problem for my configuration.

My setup

In my case, I have two power supplies, one for the bed and one for the rest.

Power Supply

To hold the MeanWell SE-450 I created two support ( one left and one right ) that can be mounted on the bottom 20×20 profile. The MeanWell is mounted using the 2 side screws on each side.

The holders can be printed vertically without any support.


The power supplies can hold like this on themselves however, I needed something to be able to attached the rest. I extended the profile to the top 20×20 profile. Here again the parts can be printed vertically without any support.

It should fit without any problems the frame. I put a little pin on the top of the extension to fit into the power supply holders to top the part moving from each other.

SSR Holder

Using the turn in clip from the BLV Cube project, I remixed it into a holder for the SSR. It attached on the profile and hold the SSR in place. There is 2 version, A and B, one could be use for left and the other for wright or A on top and B at bottom, as you whish.

Duet 2 Wifi

Same principle for the DUET2 WiFi, the holders are turn in holder. You have to make sure you put the printed profile at the right distance left and right and you can attached nicely the DUET2.

MOSFET 30 Amps

I put a 30 Amps MOSFET on my printer and need a support, here again the same principle.

Done !

Need to sort out the cable 🙂

At the end it looks like this. Everything is nicely attached and not going anywhere.

If you have any questions, just write a comment and I will try my best to answer them…

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