AM8 MGN Far-out

If you have a AM8 MGN, you most probably when through the same evaluation step as I did.

First I got myself a Anet A8. They are cheap, easy to build and they do a pretty good job for the money. After building it and using a bit, you realize that there is tons of things you can improve on that printer. First the self printer parts to improve stability and other gadgets you can put on.

After that you most probably found the AM8 and AM8 MGN projects on Thingiverse. Great ! And off you go, you change a lot of things and the print quality is taking off. But at the end of the day, it’s still a Cartesian printer.

Then you saw the BLV MGN Cube… Yes, a pretty sweet kit you can get with most of the parts and the printer is simply superbe and the quality of your prints is most probably, with a bit of work, going to almost professional level ! Yesss !

So your cube is running and your turn around and you have your AM8 MGN, still printing good but still a step down to the BLV Cube and you ask yourself what to do with it ? Sell it ? Scrap it ? Use it as a secondary printer ( that you will never use as your BLV Cube is printing better ) ? Mine was lying around and needed some love anyway : after changing and improving parts a lot, it need to be rebuilding properly.

So I decided to rebuild, but what ? I found all the parts I had from the Anet A8 to the AM8 MGN and realize, with a bit of engineering and reusing the parts, I can build a second Cube !

So here is where the journey starts, I will put on every step a new post and put a link here, so you can follow and comment the progress.