Far-Out Cube

Far-Out Cube is FDM CoreXY printer ! Simple !

I guess I have to explain this a bit more. I had a few printer in the last few years, good ones and not so good one. At the end, I always end up hacking the printer to get better performance. It is a nice hobby, taking a lot of money and time, and I was learning a lot. But at the end, no matter which model I had, you always end up with a printer that will require so much changes that it is better to get a new one. Even if I decided to do the changes on my own, it was always a challenge and a lot of problem to install a new hot end, a new extruder. changing control board…

On the market, you can get only two types of printer, the personal one, made out of a kit or something like that, more or less good and more or less hackable. The second type are the professional printers, looking really good, barely hackable, really good but also really expensive. I always wanted something in between, something with a good design, full enclosure but something I could change and hack, as the progress in hot end and extruder is going to fast !

As I could not really find something in my price range, I decided to put my wish list together:

  • Good electronic and control system. For the moment, I really like the Duet boards, nice and not too expensive
  • Excellent mechanics with stable frame. The CORE XY system is perfect for me on this subject. A nice and stable aluminum profile frame with high quality motors and sliders.
  • Large print volume : at least 300x300x300 mm !
  • A high temperature bed : something powerful enough to go at least at 110 °C to print high temp materials
  • Auto leveling ! A must ! I am done with turning screws to level things !
  • A full enclosure, that looks like something professional with a really cool and futuristic design ( at least for me )
  • A heated chamber, control the temperature of the print room
  • From low to high temperature extruder, allowing to print multiple type of filament
  • Bowden or drive drive extruder, with filament detection !
  • A nice and cool display !
  • LED lights inside and if possible outside too !

For the moment I have a BLV Cube a really nice printer kit. It has been running for a while now, It is really nice, but I thing there tons of improvement to be done. At least it is a really good starting point !

Now, the plan is to make my dream printer. But not only that, I want to make a printer for every one. A printer that can be used straight out of the box, for professional or semi professional people who need a reliable printer but also a printer for people who wants to learn and change their printer to adapt to their need. To do this, I want to create a printer in three stages:

  1. Base printer : the printer is simply made of mechanics, no cover, no heated chamber
  2. Standard print. Still based on the base printer, offer cover and nice design
  3. Professional printer, with full enclosure, heated chamber and headache free !

The objective is to offer to upgrade the base printer to a standard or professional any time. I want to offer kits to upgrade the printer, but also to offer the possibility to integrate different hot end or other gadget that might be cool in the future. Every upgrade will be able to be done on any printer as they have the same base. The kits will be available on this web site and full documentation on how to install the kit will be made !

Repository is located at Far-Out Cube on GitLab. On this repository, you will find all the STL files, documentation and other setting required to build, update and use a Far-Out cube.