Samara : new start

The last month have been really busy, but not in developing Samara. After 14 month of hard work, I finally moved to the US. Especially the last month were busy with preparing the move and now I am trying get my boots on the ground in the US.

As I have more time, waiting to get my stuff through the immigration and administration process, I decided to start again the development of Samara. This project has been a steep learning curve, from blockchain to new ideas and rust, I have learned a lot and made many mistakes. Due to that the code I wrote is simply a mess. Looking at it again after a few month, nothing is really working and I could have wrote it better. With the knowledge gain, the time to reflect what I have done and want, I decided to restart the development of Samara by completely starting from scratch. The code I created before can be reused, but this time better written and more organized.

The development of Samara requires to be more structured. So I will start be creating a structure of the project and work them one by one. Each step of the process will be documented in the source code, explanation pages and blog post so people in the future can understand where we are standing but also how we go there.

I hope you will enjoy Samara as much as I do creating it and put it to use !


After spending a lot of time developing different software and python script to control many different processes and application, it become clear that trying to communicate between different systems , location and application type can be a real challenge.

There is many different solution available but nothing that were really fully solving the problems at hand. After some research, blockchain technologies emerged as a viable solution to control process and allow communication in a decentralized way. However, most of the blockchain framework can be really difficult to understand and adapted to the task at hand. Security is good but confidentiality is an issue as the data are shared across the internet.

To solve this problem, Far-Out blockchain project was started. The main focus on this project is to have a simple but fast and efficient way of implementing blockchain technologies to process controlling.One of the key element is to be able to run a section of the blockchain on a private network without having to share you information or processes with other.

This website offers you:

  • blog posts to inform on the status of the development, release, general news…
  • Description of the different project stages and status
  • documentation of the blockchain and interfaces to implement thee Far-Out blockchain and interact with it

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email