Alpha development started

It is official, the development of the Far-Out Alpha 3D printer has started !

Technical Specs

The Alpha printer shall be a professional desktop FDM printer.

  • 24 V system voltage
  • Klipper and mainsail OS control system with network support.
  • Core XY movement
  • Large build volume 400x400x450 mm
  • Temperature controlled chamber
  • High temperature bed and hot end to print standard but also high plastics
  • High movement accuracy
  • one or 2 hot end to have multiple color or using different material for support and print.
  • Auto shutdown
  • Camera for time lap and monitoring

Development Process

All the printer components will be design and tested on the prototype printer. The prototype printer will be developed and improve at each iteration, serving as both testing and development for the final product.

Each component will be design, build and tested on the prototype printer. With each design iteration, the component will be improved until the final design is reaching all the quality and robustness requirements. When completed, the component will be published on our repository. Both 3D printed and metal components will be design for the final product.


Development steps and milestones will be communicated through blogs and through the patreon website. Updates and progress will be communication more often on patreon to our supporters.

Support Us !

You can support this project on patreon

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