Alpha : the frame

Each project has to start somewhere… In the case of Alpha, the frame is the start !

The initial prototype frame is based on a 2020 and 2040 aluminum frame. This frame is big enough to mount everything the printer will need to be able to print a volume of 400x400x450 mm .

The frame shall also allow to have panels, isolation, electric and electronic to mounted on the frame to make the printer a professional looking printer. For the initial prototype, aluminum profile is used. On the production machine, the aluminum profile might be replace by a more lighter but stronger frame.

The frame is fairly big, 750 mm high, 610 wide and 520 deep. The printer will be a bit bigger as more parts will be coming to it like the covers and panels. The prototype frame is black anodized. At the end, we want to have something looking good too !

The parts were ordered at The price was descent and the delivery without any problems ( except the fact that 4 cross members were not included in the initial order !). The delivery was fast but the parts quality was not. Almost all the parts had marks on them, obvious the processing of the parts was not done in a gentle way. Some parts had rest of the cutting process on them ( were not cleaned after cutting )and even one part had large amount of glue from the delivery tape on it. The parts were hold together using a foil and packed in a carton with a large amount of bubble wrap. Unfortunately the bubble wrap was not around the part but just to fill the box, leaving the parts on the top of the box, directly on the box.

Building the frame is fairly easy and took only an hour. Now time to get some components attached to that frame !

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