Samara : new start

The last month have been really busy, but not in developing Samara. After 14 month of hard work, I finally moved to the US. Especially the last month were busy with preparing the move and now I am trying get my boots on the ground in the US. As I have more time, waiting toContinue reading “Samara : new start”

Release 0.2.0

After some work, the version 0.2.0 is finally here. What is new ? Rockdb database implemented. In this version, the database is stored into a fixed path and is only storing the accounts. RPC command getBalance is implemented. By supplying the public key of an account, if the account exist, it will return the balance.Continue reading “Release 0.2.0”

Release v0.1.0

The first release of the Far-Out blockchain project is here ! For the first release, it does not do much. The program is starting a JSON RPC service and responding to only one command: getting the version of the current core. If you want to give it a try, you can call with an JSONRPCContinue reading “Release v0.1.0”


After spending a lot of time developing different software and python script to control many different processes and application, it become clear that trying to communicate between different systems , location and application type can be a real challenge. There is many different solution available but nothing that were really fully solving the problems atContinue reading “Introduction”

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