Far-Out Blockchain

Before we start, I know what you are thinking : Another blockchain ! It is true, there is a lot of blockchain out there and more and more are coming every day online.

Far-Out blockchain is a more simple blockchain. The primary objective is to use the blockchain technology to solve process control. Whatever you are trying to get multiple python scripts to run together or a large process system based on multiple nodes, Far-Out blockchain will help you out.

Here are some of the features:

  • Peer to peer : on a local network or across the internet.
  • Storage : storage of the blockchain information localized or centralized.
  • Local Process system : each node can perform tasks or processes.
  • Transaction based : each action is a transaction, with instructions for each process.
  • On or Offchain program : program or process can be included in the node blockchain or connected through the API
  • API : process can communicate with the node using a REST API