Far-Out Token

About a year ago, learning how the Solana blockchain is working, the Solana token FAROUT was created. Initially just to learn how it works but then raised the question : what can be done with a token like this ? Creating another meme token was pointless, it has to have a purpose !

The first step to make the token available was to create an exchange on the Solana defi system Serum. At least with that, the token could be purchased and sold. However it is not enough to obtain a price in a wallet as most of th wallet need a listing on some major exchange platform to display a price. As the token was really low volume, this was not working. On top of that, the market required to place sell orders and quite a bit of Management so that did not really worked

After that, using the market created on serum, it is possible to create a pool on Raydium, the AAM platform for Solana. The pool is easy to create and requires little management. However it requires investment to be able to supply liquidity to the pool. At least with the pool, on the Solana explorer, the price of FAROUT is displayed !:-)

Now we have a market and a pool, what to do with FAROUT ? It was interesting to learn how the Solana system and generally pools work but it was just not enough. What can we offer to people owning FAROUT ? This is were the idea of using the FAROUT token is used to finance the Far-Out projects. The funds supplied at the purchased of the token would be used to finance the project and a part of the profit made will be returned to the holders. Also, the token can be used as a way of payment for the services and products on the Far-Out website.

The token starts at a price if roughly 1 000 000 FAROUT per USDT. The total supply can not exceed 18446744073709551. The objective is to really token owned by Far-Out progressively to top the price to a maximum of 1 USDT. As you can see, there is room for development !:-)

The owner reward is simple: first each Transaction on the Raydium pool is increasing the pool by 0.22% of the transaction. Second the 50 % profit made with the token at Far-Out will returned to the owner in a form of redistribution if USDT directly into the wallet. The minimum transfer volume is 1 USDT. The rest of the profit will ve used to pay taxes, fees, costs and to invest into more projects to make even more profits.

So join the Far-Out family to enjoy our projects and investment and returns opportunity !

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