Professional FDM desktop printer.

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  • Z Axis

    Z axis design and build of the first prototype version is now completed ! As expected, the Z axis has a NEMA 17 400 steps, a ball screw 1204 with coupler, a linear axis for movement, an anti wobbling coupler and a top mount with end stop ! The complete axis is independent and canContinue…

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  • Z anti wobble coupler

    the Z axis is based on a MGN12 linear rail and and SFU 1204. both of these parts are extremely stiff and the cheap version of the SFU1204 are note exactly straight. The movement of the SFU1204 with a fix mount to the rail will generate bendings and torsion of the frame and generate ZContinue…

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  • Z Axis Top Mount

    This is the first design of the Z Axis top mount. The parts join together the Linear Axis and the ball screw. It also includes an optical end stop and a mount on a 2020 profile. the part is available on the Gitlab repository under the Z Axis directory ( version 24 )

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