Far-Out Core XY Printer

The Far-Out core XY printer is the result of the last few years development and usage of many different printers and equipment. During the experience made, mechanical properties, hardware, parts and technologies have been identified to overcome the problems founds in the different printers used. The experience gained was most by using the printers, identify the process capabilities and tuning possibilities but also by modifying the printers, trying to improve the results. With all the experience gained, a new printer generation is developed to have the most reliable, high quality and user friendly printer.


Reliability is at the core focus of this printer. A printer shall be able to print with a maximum of reliability, making first layer problem or failed print a thing of the past. No matter what your need for a printer you have, it is important to be able to print every time at the best possible quality. Downtime is reduced to the minimum, nothing more annoying when you want to print something, to have to do some tuning or fixing before even be able to print.


Most of the material shall be supported, including high temperature materials. To support the most difficult material to print, hardware improvement and process are implemented to have the best quality possible.

Electronic and Firmware

The electronic and firmware used are open source ! The firmware are small and offering all the possible support for the functionalities. Software and firmware shall support to have remote access and manage the printer and the printing queue remotely. No major display function will be offered, only to display the status of the printer. All operation shall be offered through a web interface, accessible through PC or mobile devices.

Build Option

The printer will be offered in a kit or fully build ! Your choice !


The printers model will be defined for different print volume or technologies. All printers will have a lift of options that you can choose from. Kit will also be offered to have you printer be updated without any major problems. If you did not think you needed an option at the time of your purchase or your needs are changing, you will be able to upgrade the printer using our upgrade kits.

Open Source

The printer is distributed as open source. The printer model and information can be found here : https://gitlab.com/far-out/focorexy.git

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