To be able to obtain the best performances possible for the Far-Out printers, a new generation of slicer is required. With the experience gained by using the many different slicer software on the market, a new type of slicer software shall be developed to support our printers.

Process Oriented

The slicer software sill offer a simple interface. The core activity of the slicer software is to be able to be integrated in the process chain, even included directly in the printer system, allowing you to push the models directly to the printer with the printer configuration, material and print configuration to obtain the best results possible for the printer and material you are using.

Optimized Path

To allow optimum time efficiency but also reduce the amount of print failure, the path is optimize to minimize the amount of retract or empty movement.

Open Source

As the rest of the printer, the slicer software will be distributed under open source. The software shall be offered in Python for ease of integration and rust for speed.

Python code and documentation can be found here :

Rust code and documentation can be found here :

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