Control Unit calibration in the automotive world is a time intensive job, especially when it comes to analyzing and extracting information from your measurement. As a rule of thumb, analyzing and extracting data from measurement files take twice as much time as the time it takes to make the measurement in the vehicle.

pyCalibration was develop to speed up the process of extracting the data that are required to analyze the situation and generate a new datasets. pyCalibration offer a set of object oriented classes to extract with ease the information from a single or multiple measurement file, reducing the time to extract data from hours to seconds.

Based on python, pyCalibration is a script base system, open source and distributed under the MIT license ( free !). It uses python to make most advantage of the large community developed libraries and tools but also to be able to run with a license and at a low processing cost.

Compare to other tools like Matlab, python is free and do not require a license to be used. It also have the great advantage to be easily learned, modified on the fly with a text editor and run every where, even if you are in a vehicle in the middle of no where with no access to internet.

pyCalibration is available at and can be installed directly with pip. The development code is hosted on gitlab at, the documentation can be generated locally from the source code or can be found at

Support to implement pyCalibration in your code and writing code for data extraction or data extraction from measurement is also offer. Please contact us for more information.

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